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18 February 2007 @ 03:53 pm
sorry i am bored of myspace....its hard for me to keep my promise of useing my profile...and i regret never have time enough to read your entrys

but this journal is just takeing up space

so i declare it dead

if u would like to talk remember i am usally myspace

ta ta
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19 December 2006 @ 04:43 pm
I just wanted to wish every one a good christmas!
hope everyone gets what they want ^_^

im sorry im terrible at talking on livejounral

i have a myspace http://www.myspace.com/poisoned_strawberry
and a msn please ask to be added though i wont post it on here incase someone reads this who i dont want to read it OK ^^

I would like to keep in touch with people but its hard for me to keep a livejournal for some reason o_0 .....no idea why though...i check the things i listed pretty daily though so please if u want to talk just add one of these things alright ^_^

Thanks bunches and bunches! <3
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13 October 2006 @ 02:11 am
yesh at looong last i have posted a entry! woOt! hmmm I think I will post a pic in honor of holloween!
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aww for some random stuff i have been REALLY busy latley ive been at school and at friends houses constantly o_0 loooool tomorrow friday the 13th! we are going to go midnight bowling heck if you are in the area come join us it will be a night of blackights and CAFFINE! ( bring you own red bull XXDD)
umm holloween me and my friends are going to go out as telitbies while mike and my friend jake will become drag queens ( horay! mana-ness shall take over the universe!) lol mike is even going to go as far as shaveing his legs XXDD

hmmmm not much more to say then ive been pretty busy and and so behind on commenting as usal but i really do want to get better at live journal...but i guess it is just not my cup of tea.

i always answer mymyspace though if you want to talk im much better at answering on there ( its way easier for me to understand ^_^) http://www.myspace.com/poisoned_strawberry

umm well for the random image here it is and i LUV IT! for some rason it only shows up at the bottom.
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06 September 2006 @ 09:31 pm
yes its true if anyone hasnt noticed i cant get used to live journal o_0
loooool loool after haveing a journal like 3 months i figured out how to post pics ( XXDDD im slow XXXDDD loool) but its hard to go to everyones individual jounal and read and comment ( usally if I can add something i WILL comment ^___^) and expect it not to take at least a hr and a half o_0 ...so im just gunna ask...is there any easier way to read the entries with out going through all that? that way I wont always be the last person to comment every entry looooool!

loool im sorry in all my journals my life sounds like im a snore...im not really! i just hate to write/trype...im terrible at expressing my self on here. in real life i tend to be the 17 year old who always has a lovley red bulls near her side, likes to burst into random song looool, skip with friends down the school hallway, and is obbsesed with fashion!

looool im sorry but looool im terrible at live journal! if anyone has anything that would help to make lj easier to use loool I would be very gratefull! because now that school has started i have even less time o_0 loool IVE FINALLY BECAME A SENIOR ( 12TH GRADE) I HOPE THE SCHOOL YEAR DOESNT GO BY TO FAST ^___^
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04 August 2006 @ 10:05 pm
im sorry people i have been so busy during this summer i have had baley anytime to even sit down to read/ write stuff on livejournal o_0 im back though for a while...ive barley had any time to sit down! lol i work from 5:30 in the morning ( its a summer job) and i get off at 3:00 and then I usally go to jakes to meet up with friends and get home at about 11pm-1:30 a.m. lol o_0 we are being good people we dont drink or do drugs...insted we watch horror movies, go to the beach after kerfu, play ding dong ditch ( ha ha ha karl lost his shoe last time, takeing out light sabors on the school roof ( FUNNESS!) and other then that just sitting and talking loool! its lame but loads of fun!

pretty much all thats happened durring this summer is working and hanging out with friends...well actually just a few of my friends meaning jake tamera kyle and karl ( they are jake little brothers who are 2 years younger then me lool ...but they are pretty awesome lol) my beloved 15 year olds loooooooool!

hur hur hur yesterday i was so scared...i was backing up in a drive way to go to babbitt ( i had to make a cell call so i drove a little ways down the road where there is survice) and my wheel locked in reverce i was like "eep!" loool

gas costs so much now (danm bush!) his hillybillyness will one day rule the world...its a scary thought isnt it?

im going to go to hollywood next year! its with a club i belong to and it will cost me $900 which IS spendy but i think its worth spending a week in california ^___^

sadly mana's tour was canceled in the u.s.a. ;; ...MANA COME BACK!! but i guess he says he wants to come to the u.s. I hope he comes soon because...i want to see him in concert!

i ordered some lovley shoes from e-bay...
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i know what you are thinking ..."OMG ANGEL YOU FOOFER!" ( foofer is a word i made up the dictinary just made up a stupid definition before i could...so i doesnt mean anything gross to me any way XP)

lol yup and a pic of me...hur hur hur im stupid...but what the heck people wanted to know what i look like...so here you go...actually i took this a week ago and i look dif again ( i have dif hair its now dark brown, blonde, red and pink! ^___^) lol in the pic i am in band geek cloths XXXDDDD...i put geek in the word bandgeek *nods*
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hur hur hur

and of course my post wouldnt be complete with out some random pics i liked
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ill sit down to comment tomorrow...being that its 10 at night

PST....want to see my myspace its all...awesome and stuff! http://www.myspace.com/poisoned_strawberry
( i have myspace because no one where i live has heard of lj till i said something o_0;)
02 July 2006 @ 06:11 pm
well the town i go to school in celebrates another b-day. we name this week peter michal days (its named after the man who founded the town)anyway the last 4 days there is a carnival. lol i will put all the pics under a cut because they are very big o_0 lol the carnies scared me though! they keeped hitting on me *trembles* one of them cam e up to me and said" its ladys day....shoot this dart and win a prize...even if you dont hit it ill still give you something" i was like "eep!" *run* and i was offered a lot of free rides...but i didnt answer because u never really know what they mean XXXXXXXDDDDD and one of them went up to my friend cieria and asked her if she wanted drugs o_O (cieria is anti drugs lol!) SO THE GUY ENDED UP GETTING YELLED AT BY HER AND HER TELLING HIM WHY THEY ARE BAD xd IT WAS FUNNY! lol and every one went to the fire works they were beautiful! we were so close to them and were right under them * they shot them off at birch lake beach* and some times the sparks would fly on people...like my friend jesse who got a direct hit LOOOL! basically the fire works consisted of
- talking of fav anime shows we have/want on dvd
-listing to techno in mikes car with chase..and finding his britney spears cd in the back seat *oooooo busted!*
-caching up with friends
-watching cieria run around with glowy things and random people asking if they could buy them from her * she was covered from head to foot*
-some odd kid practically laying on me shouting to me "hey babe!" * i have never meet him!*
-and just haveing fun ^_______^
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and this image! it makes me smile to no end!!!!

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23 June 2006 @ 05:34 pm
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good evening!

have you ever dreamed of haveing your own pet house fly? I know I have! well now this dream can come true! lol yup!

all you need is a unsuspecting house fly and a strand of hair!

1.grab the fly in your hands (make sure your hands are cuped because it works best if the flys arent smushed XD)

2. take you strand of hair and put it in between your hands...but make sure some of it hangs out because u will later need it

3 blow into your hands...make sure that you can still have the piece of hair hanging out lol

then grab hold of the hair

this works because the flys wings wet all caught up with the hair so you can walk the fly! name him fido, bananna, heck even noodles! lol this works to! lol and once you tire of him let him fly away! XXXDDDDD

hope this made your wildest dream come true! i know mine was!

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omg so many ..stupid things have happened to me in the last day...that it bears repeating!

ok my family thought it would be fun to go on a simple camping trip. (and so the journey begins lol) we get the camper all set up and we are all sitting inside..and all of a sudden it starts shakking ( and i am holding on for dear life cause i am flinging every where o_0; so my dad pulls over and starts to drive home....and it goes well so he thought it was a fluke...so he turns back around (and off we go!) but as soon as i think its safe to stand up (we were in a giant camper)all of a sudden * shake* it starts shakeing and i am flung all the way into the back of the camper ( this goes on for a while.) so my dad asks me to follow behind in my car..so we finally reach the camp site. and i am fine till i realize we came on the 1 day my worst fear lives T_T...the MAY FLIES are out * i am afraid of 4 things snow yettie from rodolf movie,may flys, hights, and butterflys!)( for those who dont know what they are they are a bug that pretty much looks like a dragen fly but they cling to things and have 4 sets of antenna and they live one day) they are super gross! so i am running from the swarms of may flys that are attracted by my perfune (yup) so i get in my swimming suit! i mean nothing can go wrong ( and nothing does..when i am in the water T_T i decide i would poke the fire and play with it (hell who doesnt lol!) and way a huge chunk of like fire whood chunk flies out of the fire and land on my swim top!IT STARTED MY SWIM TOP ON FIRE! me being a huge clutz I stumbled back into the water.
ok so i have this smallish burn mark on my chest. so i get and my car so i can go to the convience store to get some pain killers and a ice pack. and way as i am driveing a naked old man walks right in frount of my car! and starts walking toward my car! i was freaking out...cause i have my 8 year old sister in the back seat...and i dont know what to do ...do i roll down the window to see what the heck he wants or do i drive away as fast as possible!...I DROVE AWAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! got to the store they ran out of pain killers!...but other then all these stupid things ( which i told my friend jake and all he could do was laugh at me on the phone for a half a hour)
lol i find all this funny as well to1 i have always had terrible luck ( btw these are only a few of the events that happened)
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16 June 2006 @ 04:33 pm
lol i am going through an antic cafe faze XD lol see even look for yourself!http://www.myspace.com/poisoned_strawberry ( isnt my pagey cafeishy! lol)

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I would so buy this shirt if they sold it! UNICORN POWER TO ALL!

bought some lolita shoes! they are hawt!
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pretty much all i have to really say...to much to do so little time.
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08 June 2006 @ 09:17 pm
here is my class year book pic! i have underlined some of my friends...but I have a great number of friends in the 8th grade! lol my school is small only about 500 people and its k-12! ^_^ lol the girls face I blacked out with marker is evil!( andrea) not me..i colored me over with the white and red) she is the only person in the school who dislikes ma...and i dislike her (sad to say) you really dont want to here the reason why she hates me...and i have a VERY valid reason for not likeing her.
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im sorry but some people have asked me why I dont post many pictures of myself...I have only one reason..its because every time i turn on the news they always talk about internet preditors..and i wont take the chance. I have i think one or 2 on here though...some where

i went to virginia (a local town that will soon become a city) I got a fish sence i got sick of hampsters here is a pic of him! I have no idea of what to name him though o_0 my last hampsters name was mr fuzzy munchkins...and my rabbitts name is noodles...but i have no idea what to name my fish! hmmmm nabe bananna? fishy? i dont know lol! ideas!?!
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the worlds awesomest tackies purse/ bag thing i bought it for only $4.88!!
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ill be able to comment more...school is finished!! so I have more time!!...till monday o_0 then i start work at 5 am (im not a good morning person) and I finish at 3 in the afternoon! loooool ;; i want to sleep!